Mission Business Academy was founded in 2018 and is the first school in Malaysia where focused on helping students to shape the good character. Mission Business Academy has made an irreplaceable contribution to the development of enterprises, the training of talents, the civilization and the development of society. The traditional spirit of patriotism, progress, democracy, and science, as well as the diligence, rigorousness, pragmatism, and innovative style of study are here and there from generation to generation.

In order to solve the talent shortage problem faced by Malaysian companies, Sun Ce led a group of people with plenty of ideals to establish a mission business school in order to achieve the goal that Malaysian talent will not evacuate, so that every talented person will be able to shine on the Malaysian land. At the same time, it will also allow Malaysian companies to have truly talented and competent people.


The spiritual mentor is: Chairman of Emart Group - Wu Yushi, "Daddy Wu", Sun Ce teacher, in the spirit of Wu Dad's "altering his lover," to lead a group of teachers who have a sense of responsibility and mission in education to establish this college. The main mission is a professional talent with excellent moral character and skills for the company and the society.


Organisation Structure


Ngu Ting Sii 


EMART Group Chairman
Biggest supermarket in Sarawak
ShangDao Well-wisher 


Rita Lugom

School Principal



Jeffery Sun Ce


Master of Business Administration
ShangDao Institute of Education
Entrepreneur magazine columnist
Asian Golden Dragon Professional Lecturer
Singapore Shenghe Estate Advisor
Chief Architect of the "Commerce" series of courses
Shangdao training instructor
Youth Leader Training Camp Tuto


Ann Liu


Singapore Chinese Trainers Association
WSQ Certified ACTA Trainer
Business Executive Instructor Course Tutor
"Commercial Education Institute" Consultant

Allan Thong Meng Kong


Famous Host from Sarawak
ShangDao tutor & Advisor


Academy Logo


To become a world-class talent training academy


To develop a sense of mission talent


Kindness, Justice, Etiquette, Wisdom, Faith

Academy Badge

The pattern of the school badge is determined and used by Sun Ce teacher when he founded the mission school of business. Its specific connotation is that the English word "Mission Business School" is on top of the logo ring, and the Chinese character "Mission Business School" is on the bottom of the logo circle; the three horns under the shield form The star pattern represents the “three talents” in traditional Chinese philosophy, namely, the three elements of the so-called natural spirit, the universe, and the human being; the book pattern at the center of the shield symbolizes daily progress and study hard; the “MISSION” on the ribbon is not forget the original intention of the college


Academy's Value


As a leader, one should be kind to everyone. So that, you can gain  respect from your followers.


The heart of awe, who treats people in a courteous manner, treats every life with the respect from the heart.

It is the behavior and the efforts to improve themselves with etiquette and courtesy of both internal and external practice, to become a ritual people.



The heart of justice: As a person, what is right? Make daily judgments and act according to your conscience. Never sell your soul for profit, live for justice, and be clear about righteousness.


The heart of wisdom,  do not take shortcuts, don't be  lazy, don't use tricks. Look before you leap, and know the law of cause and effect. Great wisdom if foolish, do not haggle over every ounce, willing to pay and willing to contribute.

Trust is the most valuable asset in a persons character. To destroy honesty is to destroy his own personal wealth. No matter how difficult it is, work hard for honesty and never slacken.



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